Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Duchess

Here are a few shots that I've taken from a couple of my trips to the Duchess Bake Shop during my time in Edmonton. This is by far my favourite bakery in all of the lands, especially for lady dates. No one can compete with the quality and beauty of these yummy treats. If you live in Edmonton and haven't been yet, you need to get up right now and head over to 24th Street and 107 Ave, because even if you don't have a wild sweet tooth like I do, you will find something at the Duchess that you just can't live without. Some of my favourite treats to get are the Chocolate and Sea Salt Madeleines and of course their ever famous Macarons. Some of my favourite flavours are lavender and rose (shown above). My favourite beverage of theirs is definitely their Duchess Tea. It's a glorious version of Earl Grey, with a touch of lavender!
Here's what we rounded up when my family was in town!Don't worry it's not all for me, but I would have eaten it all if given the chance, haha! My Mother decided to get a Blue Berry Scone, my father got some sort of strawberry cream creation, and my sister and I decided to split a lot of things! We shared a Paine du Chocolate, a few Macarons, a Chocolate and Sea Salt Madeleine and a Lavender Shortbread. A bit much I know, but we were going all out.
My family loves the Duchess so much that each time I fly home from Edmonton, I have to bring them some Duchess treats or they wont let me in the house! What can I say, they have good taste!

What are your favourite treats from the Duchess? 

Thanks for tuning in!


  1. OMG this is paradise, all these cakes and the cookies!!! :-D
    You're so lucky :-P
    You look lovely!

    Hope you had a great time :-)

    Have a lovely day


    Piera Anastasia

    1. Thanks, Piera!! I wish I could send you some yummy cakes! They are so amazing! Thanks for your lovely comments!