Thursday, May 9, 2013

Inspire Me: Blue

Here are some of my favourite blues from my Inspire Me board on Pinterest.

I hope you enjoy them. 


Thursday, May 2, 2013

My New Flat: Part 1

Champagne I won from the Christmas draw at work, along with vintage clutches that were gifted to me by a family friend.

My art work.

So I finally stopped jumping flats and started renting a beautiful home in Blackheath with two of my friends at the end of January. We really lucked out with this place, thanks to dear Ruthie's constant flat hunting. It's so specious, with the best kitchen and has a beautiful backyard. The only negative side is that it does take a wee while to get into town, but hey, when you're in the thick of things, sometimes it's nice to feel like you live in the country! 

So here is the start of my bedroom. I have slowly started to collect some precious odds and ends on my London journey. I was very hesitant for most of my trip to start collecting because of all the travelling I was doing. Now that I have a place to call my own, I will start to treasure hunt for very small treasure that fit into suitcases! 

One great feature in our flat is that every room has it's own fire place, which makes for a perfect space for presentation. On my fireplace, I have a vase that I found on the street, a picture frame that I got from Sara (Turnpike Lane roomie) as a Christmas gift with a beautiful vintage envelope as the photo, and a champaign glass that somehow found it's way into my handbag on New Year's Eve. I also decided to fill my fireplace with vodka and ballet shoes. Like a true Russian ballerina. 

Then we've got a lace collar that I managed to get for only 50p at this crazy antique market, along with some beautiful, slightly rusted bronze buttons. 

My room has so much potential, I can not wait to get back and start working on it again! 

Thanks for tuning in!