Monday, April 29, 2013

Museums: V&A

Catching up on UK theatre highlights in the past 10 years.

Part of the fashion exhibit.

Here are some shots from one of my trips to the V&A museum!

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Inspire Me: Rose

Rose. A little eye candy from my inspire me board on pinterest. 


Saturday, April 27, 2013

People and Place: Part 1

Near Angel station. 

Miss Samantha. 


Coffee in Covent Garden.

Andy visiting from the homeland.

The Portobello Road itself.

James Bond themed Birthday parties at the Hippodrome Casino.

Look at Matt's brilliant scar.

The set of the Improvathon 

It's interesting having some time now to reflect on my stay in London so far. On a day to day basis I feel as though I am struggling just to make ends meet, but looking back through these pictures, I have managed to squeeze in some pretty cool stuff. 

I think one of my favourite parts about living in London are the new friends I've made. I was lucky enough to step off the plane and straight into a flat with about 14 new friends (thanks to my friend, Bracken and the Edinburgh Fringe). It really set me up with a great network of interesting and lovely people, many of who I still see weekly. 

I have also made some great friends through my last job (working front of house at the West End production of Singin' In The Rain). It was there that I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely Scottish gal named Samantha. Sam and I are like peas in a pod. We get on so well and we always seem to be on the same page. Sammy is my go to gal, my pal, my sweets, my love, my Scottish sister from another mister. I am very thankful to call her and many other front of house peeps my friends. 

I've made so many lovely friends over the past year, but another great part about living in London, is everyone that comes to visit London! I've been lucky enough to meet up with many of my Canadian friends, some that I haven't seen for years. It was also such a treat seeing some of my favourite Canadian improvers on the London stage for this year's Improvathon.

That's enough reflecting for now! At this present moment I am so lucky to be back in Canada and I'm really appreciating my time with my prairie friends. Now that the show is on it's feet I can't wait for more catch-up dates with pals.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Blitz Party: Part 3 - Before The Party

I bet you're getting tired of seeing pictures of the Blitz Party, no fear, this is the last batch. Here are some before and after shots of New Years Eve with my good friends Nic and Paddy. 

Click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

London Fog

November. 2012

East Finchely

One of my favourite hot beverages is the London Fog. In Canada, you can find this drink at your local Starbucks and many cafes, but do you think you can find this hot drink in dreary ol' London. Nope.

Named after the heavy fog in London, England this treat consists of Earl Grey Tea, vanilla syrup and steamed milk.

 I was quite shocked by the unimpressed look on the barista's face, as I smiled and ordered a tall London Fog. She had no idea what I was talking about and probably thought I was just being a comedian. Lesson learnt. Now, after months of living here I know better. I always ask for a grande Early Grey with 2 shots vanilla and steamed milk. Most people think I'm crazy when I place my order, that is until they have tried it!

Have you every tried a London Fog? If so, where's your fav place to get them?


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Where'd She Go?

Hey Gang,

Sorry that I have been MIA for the past few months. I keep telling myself that I'm going to start blogging again, but my London life doesn't seem to allow it. But guess what...I'm not even in London town. That's right folks, I am back in Canada performing in the Citadel's production of Spamalot. 

You might be asking yourself, why did this crazy girl leave one of the greatest cities on earth and head back to Edmonton, Alberta. A city that thinks it's winter till mid May. Well, it has been one of my goals to work at the Citadel Theatre for about 5 years now. Long story short - I get to be a part of an extremely talented group of artists and perform this very silly show to lots of people, get paid, get another great show to add to the CV and I get to see my family after! Win, win, win! I am SO thankful and lucky!

So I have decided (and have been encouraged) to start blogging again. After this week of previews, I am hoping it will become a regular thing! Also, I'd love to hear if there are any requests? More talk about the Uk, more fashion, more food stuff? I would love to know what you guys want to hear! 

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ps. click here for a speak peak of Spamalot!