Monday, January 5, 2015

Recipes of the Week: Part 7

+ Full disclaimer, I modified the heck out of this recipe. Not by choice. 
+ Make sure you use the orange kind of sweet potatoes, aka yams. I would recommend organic ones as they always taste way better to me. I ended up using white sweet potatoes. They weren't as sweet, but they were still tasty. 
- It calls for 6 small sweet potatoes, I only needed 2 1/2 to make my crust. Ended up making sweet potato fries with the extras, since they were peeled.
+ It calls for a bunch of Spinach. I used two huge handfuls, but it's pretty much by look.
+ I used 1/2 stem of green onion for my "spring herbs".
- I didn't use the miso or asiago cheese, simply because I didn't have them.

+ This is probably my favourite of the lot, so hearty and delish!
- To be honest I have no idea what colour my lentils were...I think they were red. I'm gonna go ahead and say use whatever lentils you have. 
- I only used a little olive oil.
+ I didn't have veggie broth (so weird), so I had to use chicken. 
+ I used apricot jam. Do not be stingy. The jam makes the dish! 
+ I used a wild rice quinoa mix for the base. 

+ Cue this song.
+ So I managed to cook two of these at the same time for 9 people on New Year's Eve. I found out that I had to do this at about 3pm that day. YUP. Not gonna lie, I am proud of myself! And thankful for my sues chefs.
+ I definitely used more garlic than 2-3 cloves.  
+ Super important to have a thermometer, it just takes away all the guess work! 

+ So this was nerve racking. The last time someone made these in our house, the entire place smelt like smoke for days. Not fun. This time it worked! 
+ Make sure to make your batter FAR in advance! It needs 2-3 hours to sit at room temperature. 
+ They say the key is getting the batter in the tin as quickly as possible. I got my brother to help me to make sure we were extra speedy. 
+ They were divine "grease muffins", as my Uncle Doug calls them.

Hello friends,

I do apologize for the lack of recipes over the past month and a bit! I've been staying at home doing this last contract and have been so spoiled. I have really missed cooking though and hopefully I shall be back hunting down new recipes weekly. Here are the recipes that I've made this past week, some are healthy, some are not. I will say though that all of these recipes were incredibly successful and that they were hard to rank, as they were all faboosh!

Recipe Ranking:
#1 Cauliflower and Yellow Lentil Curry by Pinch of Yum 
#2 How To Cook Roast Beef by A Sweat Pea Chef
#3 Quick and Easy Yorkshire Pudding by Dwrightie
#4 Sweet Potato Crusted Quiche by Fourteen Forty

Let me know which one is your fav!