Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Is it better to wait? Wait till you find that perfect someone?

Or should you explore and find out who that someone is?

Is it worth getting your heart destroyed, or do you build up a resistance to ass wholes?

Do you stay still?

Do you keep calm, and know that something good will happen to you soon?


A question mark means a lot.


  1. Well Chelsea... I only just realised this was a quote and not you asking haha but i typed this all out so here it is

    Is it better to wait, no I think it's much better to just go for it! The more hard ships you go through the more Likely to find that special someone that really counts!

    As for the building a resistance to ass wholes, well that's simple! Guys and girls are so different. The opisite sex will always be tough to understand but if you find someone who is looking for the same things as you then they won't seem like an ass whole! I'm my mind they only become an asswhole when their wants change.

    And that's my opinion!

  2. Cool Dallas! I dig it.

    And it was me asking!

    You were right on the money!

    I am just always very interested to hear what people think about when it comes to relationships!

  3. I LOVE TALKING about relationships! You blog about it, and I'll be there!