Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Greenwich Market and the Cutty Sark

Here are some pictures from our last visit to Greenwich. If you get the chance, you have to go. Greenwich Market is charming and quiet. It runs Tuesday-Sunday so there's plenty of opportunity to get your buns down there. Also you should definitely check out the Shoe Embassy, a London based shoe company specializing in vintage inspired boots and shoes. If you know me you'll know I'm not one for impulse buying, unless it's under £5 or $10, but I broke my rule. I laid eyes on a pair of tan leather boots that I could not part with. I will have to show them to you soon, they are SO purdy. 

The Cutty Sark is a really cool part of Greenwich too. It's a massive old ship that you can actually go aboard and take a look at (for £14). We also grabbed a pint at the Gipsy Moth before heading home, they have Fruli on tap, huzzah!
Remi looking very much like Mr Sherlock Holmes. It's all in the angle.  

About a week ago Remi and I moved out of our lovely Blackheath flat. It was a very emotional week with lots of little goodbyes to old habits and cute fireplaces. There are many big changes coming our way. We are moving back to Canada, Remi a month before myself. While we both very much enjoy England, it's time to go home and pursue our careers in Canada. So for our last few weeks here we plan to do it all. Our big trip is coming up next week. We are heading to Paris and then Edinburgh. It's gonna be a crazy fun time!

Thanks for tuning in!


Sunday, January 26, 2014

The London Eye

After living in London for a year and a half I finally went on the London Eye. We went on the last Sunday of 2013. Remi and I went for tea/coffee and a wee bite to eat beforehand at South Bank. In hindsight we definitely should of gone on a week day. We waited for over an hour and half on one of the coldest days of the season. Not going to lie it was pretty disappointing. I felt like a salmon in this massive queue of life. After we froze our butts off waiting, the actual ride was pretty cool. I wanted to catch the sunset, but the evening was pretty special too.

My tips.
Go during a weekday and definitely get the fast track. It's worth the extra £10.

More London adventures to come soon!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 - Awesome Book

Hi Pals,

Happy, happy 2014! I just want to do a quick post about something that I would STRONGLY recommend doing this year.

So last year I decided to create an Awesome Book. A place where I could write down the smallest details of my day that made me smile, or were maybe just really interesting. It didn't matter if I missed a day or two (or weeks at a time because I was in rehearsal land), or if was playing catch up, as long as I filled in just a little something about a positive thing that happened in my day.

My goal was to focus on the joy. To really reflect each day. It could be a yummy meal, tea with a friend or just something nice that happened at work. It doesn't have to be out of this world crazy each day, it's just the little things. And if some thing crazy awesome does happen...USE CAPS!!!

So here's what you need to do!

1. Buy a day-timer/agenda/diary. Last year I bought mine at pound saver for just £1 and decorated the front. It doesn't have to be expensive!
2. Everyday write down a positive thing (or 2 or 3 or 4) from your day. Try to do it everyday for the reflection value, but playing catch up is good to.
3. If you're ever feeling down or just want a good smile, take a flip through your Awesome Book and see the difference it makes.

I really, really hope you guys will give this a try. I can't tell you how much fun I had the other day going through my 2013 awesome book. It put the biggest smile on my face.

Let me know how it goes!