Saturday, June 21, 2014

Picture Post

Here's some of the crazy stuff I've been up to for the past couple of weeks! 

[ Remi and I caught the last matinee of Make Mine Love staring a whole bunch of my good pals from Spamalot. ]

[ Pre wig-prep. Before putting on a wig all of your hair has to be in pin curls, mine takes about 10 minutes. ] 

[ New vintage shirt, perfect for the summer. All of the patterns. ]

[ I was lucky enough to watch the Chita Rivera perform. This amazing performer is 81 years old and still giving it everything she's got. So inspiring. A fosse original. ] 

[ Salt water taffy from Remi. ]

[ Post audition reward. Lavender Fog from Block 1912. ]

[ I won a puppet!!! Every Sunday we have a "Toonie Draw" called Super Sunday. On the last Sunday of the run I decided to play and I won a secondary prize! So cool! ] 

Thanks for tuning in!

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