Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Shows

These are the shows that I have or will being engaging in this month!

BoyGroove - !mpulse Theatre
April 21st - 30th
musical theatre 
* I went to school with these dudes
What's Cooking - Good Women Dance Collective
April 29th * One night only
Edmonton contemporary dance artist present their works in progress
* I performed a physical theatre piece I wrote called The moon
More Info

When Girls Collide Teatro La Quindicina
By Stewart Lemoine 
April 28th - May14th
straight play 
The Wrecking Ball - Catch The Keys and Joel Crichton Emergency
Monday 25th * One night only
A Mix of politics and art!
More info!

Public Speaking - Theatre Network 
By Chris Craddock 
April 21st - May 8th
D: Bradley Moss
Straight Play- 1 man show
More info

Black Water Windrow Performance
Created by Amber Borotsik and Jesse Gervais 
More Info
Pervert - Northern Light Theatre
By Stephen Massicotte
March 7th - 17th
D: Trevor Schmidt 
Straight Play
Tosca - Edmonton Opera
By Puccini
April 9th, 12th, and 14th
Opera (Sung in Italian with English subtitles)
More Info!

An Almost Perfect Thing - Workshop West Theatre 
By Nicole Moeller
March 25th- April 10th
D: Michael Clark 
Straight Play


  1. Thanks for Coming to the Play Chelsea!

  2. I love your show updates!!!

    This is how I find out what's worth seeing each month :-p

  3. James!!!!

    You just made me smile so hard :) Follow me friend!!