Tuesday, May 22, 2012

TV Shows: Season Finales

Nikita takes home "The Best Season Finale" award for me!!!  Season 2 ended with 4 mind-blowing episodes in a row. The stakes for each episode kept increasing until the very end of the season. I have to admit, some of the writing isn't the finest, and at times it can be so cheesy that it makes for a good laugh. All in all, this TV show exceeded my expectations. I can't wait for Season 3 ! Does anyone else watch Nikita, I feel like I'm the only one? 

New girl
Not gonna lie, I was slightly disappointed with the finale of New Girl. I was anticipating a lot more. I think it's because Season 1 had been so impressively funny, I was expecting a bigger finish. Zooey Deschanel is inspiring in so many different ways. She's my number 1 girl crush! 

VD's is my guilty pleasure! I blame my little sister for getting me hooked. Ok, VD's gets an A+ on it's season finale. In my opinion is was such a strong ending! Much more exciting than past seasons. I can not wait for season 4! 

I have a love/hate relationship with Smash and was slightly disappointed with the season finale. I more than love the idea of the show, but I don't like that fact that the character we are suppose to root for (Karen) is not (in my opinion) right for the role of Marilyn. To say the least, I am undeniably on Team Ivy, even though I think her character is a terrible human being.  I am really interested to see what happens with Season 2. Will it be a continued story of the duelling Marilyn's or will we get to see a whole new musical be created?

What was your favourite season finale???

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  1. Gossip Girl's season finale was pathetic. SO disappointing. VD is a guilty pleasure of mine too!

    1. I'm not quite caught up on GG yet, so that's unfortunate to hear!