Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Day Of Therapy

 Chris, Bracken and Adam. That's there "AHH, we're putting up a brand new musical" face.

Ms. Director. 

Fellas be acting. 

Adam demonstrating his mad skills of active listen. Very important for an actor.

Hey, Pals! 
Here are some pictures from one of our rehearsals for Therapy. Written by Alex Wright and Gavin Whitworth, directed by Bracken Burns and starring the talents of Adam Rhys-Davies and Chris Pollard, Therapy is a brand new musical that makes it's debut this Thursday. The Edinburgh fringe wont know what hit it. More photos to come.



  1. Looks like fun! Are you stage managing?

    1. Hey Girl!

      My official position is called the Production Assistant, but I am kinda the stage manager/ lighting designer and operator/ and LOTS of other stuff! haha Head blogger! It's a crazy amount of fun, but lots of work :)

      Can't wait to see you!