Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm old fashion...






A big thank you to my best pal Micah for taking these shots! Also, "I'm Old Fashion" was introduced to me in college by my friend Grace.)

During my stay in Victoria last weekend my Dad convinced me to go to the Moss Street Art Walk, and I am so glad that he did! I lucked out and found these adorable vintage aprons (which I am slightly obsessed with!). Here are 4 out of the 5 aprons that I found! The dress I am wearing is one of my favourite finds ever. It's a vintage 1950's Anne Klein Junior Sophisticates (read more here). 

A. Vibrant, red and white apron with deep pockets.
B. This one is super cool and very unique! It's a hand crafted little flower petal apron. 
C. This one I am definitely keeping for myself - it has the most coverage! High waisted and knee length, yes please! I also love the floral pattern.
D. Dorothy's apron, am I right!!! I love the blue gingham! PS. That's my "I should be packing right now" face! 
E. Watch out Maria, (Sound of Music, not West Side Story) I'm coming your way! 

I wanted to do one last blog while I am still in Canada, so here it is. Also, I feel like I should sell at least two of these on my Etsy shop? Which ones do you think I should sell? 

Thanks for tuning in and talk to you on the other side! 

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