Monday, October 8, 2012

A Grand Day

Here are some pictures from an amazing day I had last month! I ventured into Covent Garden midday and wondered around while waiting to meet up with my friend Brian. There are so many cute shops and here are a few examples.  After some adventuring, Brian accompanied me to watch my first West End show, Sweeny Todd (with Imelda Staunton and Michael Ball)! It was pretty amazing, to say the least! 

This was an amazing band entertaining the crowd with their stringed instruments and dance skills!

This is a very cute and colourful cupcake shop, it was very difficult not to try one of their little cupcakes! I was trying to be 'good'. 

 I spent an hour wondering around the National Gallery, which was picture perfect! I felt like I was in a film. 

Looking at Big Ben through Trafalgar Square. Brian and I decided to go take a closer look at Big Ben, since I hadn't been up close and personal yet! 

 Buckingham Palace.

You can't take the bevel out of the show girl. I need to learn how to stand like a normal human being!

 Getting closer! 

 Very close! 

 This is probably one of my favourite shots! That's my little sister, Nicola and the London Eye. 

Looking back at Big Ben.

 Sweeny Todd time! 

 Happy campers after a good show! 

The End.

Thanks for tuning in, more pictures to come! 


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