Monday, October 27, 2014

Recipes of the Week: Part 5

+ Tasty, cheesy and relatively healthy dinner! 
+ I used full fat cheese, cause #$%* it!
+ I'd say I followed this recipe to a T, not the usual make 'em ups!   

+ Before you're even eating this soup your entire house will smell like heaven.
+ I used turmeric and oregano for my spices. 
+ Make that two times that I actually followed a recipe, except for using Light Coconut Milk!

+ A perfect pick-me-up when you're not feeling well ( I swear this cured my cold).
- I used Organic Chicken Broth.
- I used green onions instead of chives.

+ Ok, so this is clearly a sneaky treat! I would suggest only making this for special occasions, because you will eat it all (Cough)!
- I used 24 marshmallows and added pumpkin pie spice. 
- I used less butter and sugar and made lots more popcorn. 
+ I also added some peanuts. 
*** Make sure you pour the liquid mixture over the popcorn and not the other way around! 

Hey Friends, so this week's haul of Pinterest recipes was a gooder! I can say with confidence that each recipe is a winner.

Recipe Awards:

Enjoy and let me know which is your favourite??? Also here's week 12, 3, & 4! And if you'd like to follow me on Pinterest, you can do so here

Thanks for tuning in! 


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