Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Saying 'Goodbye'

[ My Canadian pal,  Marc ]

I have always found goodbyes particularly difficult, even from an early age. I remember when two of my best friends Rory and Ryan would have to head back home from a weekend at our house up island, how incredibly sad I would get. Even though I knew that I'd see them in a month or so. Well, leaving London was no walk in the park.

I have made so many great friends over my 2 years in London. Friends from all around the world; England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand, and Slovenia, just to name a few. I feel so lucky to have gotten to know so many amazing people from all over this crazy planet.

Back to the goodbyes.

My last week in town was a good one. I made sure to leave work a week early, so that I would have lots of time to see all of my pals before I went back to Canada. There were many 'goodbye for now's' that week.

[ Farewell cake with Marc ]

[ Liverpool Street ]

This gorgeous girl is my fight partner, Tracey. Let me explain...

Tracey and I were paired up during our weeklong Stage Combat course. We were instant buddies. Tracey hails from California, but has been living in London for a few years now. I sure do miss this girl. For our last little hurrah, we headed over to the very popular Natural Kitchen on Marylebone High Street.

[ It's always time for breakfast, right?]

[ I was lucky enough to watch my friend Tom in Warhorse.  He was fabulous.]

[ I finally saw Matilda, a show I'd been dying to see since I got there. ]

[ Fancy drinks at the London Cocktail Club.]

Saying goodbye to my dear friends Nic, Paddy and Adam was tough. Those guys are some of the first and best friends I made during my time overseas! We worked, lived and partied together during my first month in the UK, up at the Edinburgh Fringe. If you guys are reading this...I sure do miss you!

[ I also managed to send a few postcards in all of the craziness of my last week! ] 

Although I really miss London, I'm fully embracing my future in Canada and all that it has to offer me. I look forward to living in different cities in this massive country!

Do you have a favourite Canadian city?


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