Sunday, May 11, 2014

One Night in Dublin

Oh man, I can't even tell you how much fun I had in Ireland. It was such an amazing experience. After my three days in Galway I headed to Dublin for my last two days. I met up with my friend, Leah. We used to work together at the Palace Theatre in London. She took me around town and showed me a few different areas. We also went to Trinity College to take a look at the Library, which was so beautiful! 

If you find yourself in Dublin, you have to go to Avoca! It's the cutest! From stationary to kitchenware, they have everything! They even have a lovely restaurant/cafe upstairs. I would highly recommend the Lamb Tzatziki, man was it ever good. They also gave us like 6 scones because they were about to close. Score! 

 Can we just talk about how cute these socks are for a moment. I seriously wanted to buy a pair of each, but I just couldn't justify spending £20 on a pair of socks. One day I shall have all of the fancy socks.

Ryan's roommate gave me some amazing recommendations for food in Dublin! I stopped at Crackbird for a solo dinner. She specifically told me to get the Soy Garlic Chicken. Holy cow, that was some tasty chicken! It's not too spicy, not too sweet and the potion sizes are huge. I only had the half order and I had to take about half of it home.

Afterwords I headed over to the Stag's Head, a pub that Ryan recommended. The one thing that I can't get over about Ireland is how god dang friendly everyone is. People aren't afraid of eye contact or conversation with strangers, in fact it's encouraged! I just found it so refreshing and really enjoyed asking people questions and getting to know new people. I made 4 new friends that night! Garvin, Paul, Jessica, and Andrew. Long story short, the Irish people I met were so lovely! After the Stag's Head  two of my new friend's Jessica, Andrew and I headed to two other pubs. Normally I am not one for partying, but hey, when in Rome!

We went to one of Jessica's old stomping grounds to listen to live music! Then we headed over to Jess's work place, this really hip little speak easy called, The Liquor Rooms. We had so much fun trying fancy cocktails. I decided on the Belt & Braces, probably one of my favourite drinks I've ever had. I know that seems like a grand statement to make, but seriously it was insane. Port, tequila, marmalade, topped with a dehydrated orange and date syrup that is made in house. Oh my goodness, I would like one right now please!!!

Andrew wasn't drinking so this is the fun beverage that he received, it came with the umbrella in it! This is probably my favourite picture from the whole evening!

The next day I woke up, grabbed some fresh juice and a scone from Avoca and made my way to see a few more sights! I sat and finished my breakfast and wrote in my travel journal at the St. Patricks Cathedral, which was built in 1192. Afterwards I made my way to the Guinness Storehouse for the grand tour!

I had a great time doing the Guinness Tour! I learned lots, drank lots of yummy drinks and had fun picking out presents for Remi!

I absolutely loved my time in Ireland! I can not wait to go back and visit!

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  1. Oh my! That library is to die for it looks so wonderful and your trip to the Guinness store house, so jealous! Also I've been looking into schools in Britain possibly around London I was hoping maybe you could give me some insight sometime :)

    Love Rhiannon

  2. The thing I miss most about living in London: accessible travel. I've only been to Dublin in Ireland and definitely want to see more!