Monday, November 3, 2014

Recipes of the Week: Part 6

Cauliflower, Kale & Chickpea Curry by The First Mess
+ This is a very hearty recipe.
+ I added extra potatoes and cauliflower.
+ I also added a bit of cumin and turmeric, because I found the recipes just a little bland.
- I couldn't find the Tuscan kale at my grocery store, so I just used regular kale and it still tasted lovely!
+ Super light and fluffy treats that aren't too sweet. 
- Personally I would have liked them to be a little more chocolatey. Next time I might try adding some cocoa powder as well.
+ I would highly recommend using parchment paper, instead of just oiling the pan. It's always a safe bet for an easy clean.  
- The only dark chocolate I had, had almonds in it. Hopefully they didn't throw off the recipe too much. 
+ They taste really great when fresh out of the oven and also after they've been in the fridge. 
- I would make these again with a few tweaks. 

+ Ok, I think these could be fantastic. I didn't have any jam, so I just used peanut butter and honey. They were pretty dry, but even so they disappeared quite quickly. 
+ They are super easy and fast to make.
+ Definitely gonna try these again when I have jam. 

Here are my Pinterest finds from last week, clearly I was craving all of the sweets! With it being Halloween and temptation lurking in every corner, it was hard to stay on track! I think that's why I was dying to try all of these healthier options. I also made Samoa Bars that were SO tasty I gave them their own post! You can check them out here

Recipe Ranking:

Just a heads up, there might not be very many new recipes next week as I am trying to use up all the food I have before moving once again! 



  1. Did you really make all these in one week? I can barely convince myself to make a brownies from a powder let alone all this tastiness haha. I'm saving this and rolling up my sleeves this weekend ;)

    xo marlen
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