Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fringe Buzz part 1: Beth Dart

As this years Fringe Festival is quickly approaching, I am trying to figure out which shows I am going to see! The actual list of shows isn't released until August 2nd, so I thought it would be fun to ask different artists from around the city what shows they are looking forward to see at this years Fringe!

First up...

Name:  Beth Dart
Occupation: Artistic Producer for Catch the Keys Productions, Booking and Tour Manager for Sheldon Casavant Productions

Here are her top three picks - in no particular order...

Twenty-Five by Joel Crichton
The Company: Joel Crichton Emergency
Show Description: "coming of age in today's dangerous world" (...Coming of age stories are my guilty pleasure.)

More Info

Tudor Queens by Ellen Chorley
Company: Send in the Girls Burlesque
Show description: Dramatized history told through burlesque by incredibly talented and beautiful women.

More Info

Vice Versa created by Adam Cope & Elliott James
Company: Punktuate! Theatre
Description: Dysfunctional family meets adult clown show.

Thanks, Beth! Look out for these shows at this years Edmonton International Fringe Festival!

More Fringe Buzz to come...

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