Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August Shows

The Edmonton International Fringe Festival 

Lucky Stiff - St. Albert Children's Theatre

Style: Musical Theatre

Fun Facts:
- almost all of the cast performed this show 15 years ago (1996).


The Puppet Pilots
 Style: Adult puppet show

Fun Facts:
- People love hearing puppets swear.
- People love watching puppets having sex.

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Style: Musical Theatre song cycle

Fun Facts: 
- New music by Joel Crichton.
- I bought the CD for this show.
- I loved the augmented 4th joke - it made laugh real loud.


Danny In the Deep Blue Sea
Style: Straight Play

Fun Facts:
 - Theses two looked perfect together.
- Danny was one of Vue Weekly's Best of the Fringe picks.


The Best of Times 
Style: Group vocal mask

Fun Facts: 
- I went to school with those funny people.
- I thought the natural lighting in the venue was pretty cool.


Guernica - Hidden Harlequin Theatre

Style: MMT (theatre, movement)

Fun Facts: 
- I really enjoyed all of the mediums in this show and thought that they complimented each other very well.
- The lighting was very industrial. Flash lights and lanterns played a large part in lighting.


Faith Healer - Onion Theatre

Style: Straight Play

Fun Facts:
- I got to watch one of my teachers, Jen Spencer, perform for the first time. She was amazing. 

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Cowboy Gothic - THEATrePUBLIC
 Aug. 17, 18, 21

 Style: MMT

Fun Facts: 
-brilliantly cast
 - amazing music that really sticks with you ( I heard a lady humming in the washrooms after the show).
- I did a reading of Cowboy Poetry (previous title) at last years Spring Boards New Play Festival!

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Tudor Queens: A Burlesque - Send in the Girls Burlesque
Aug. 15-20th

Style: MMT (Burlesque and theatre)

Fun Facts:
- This is the sexiest Fringe show I have seen thus far.
- The dazzling Elena Porter plays my mother in Kafka's Metamorphosis.
- if you like history and sexy ladies this is a must see.

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THE SEMINAR - Poiema Productions
Aug. 15- 20th

Style: MMT

Fun Facts: 
- I had the pleasure of working with these lovely ladies last year in the Victoria Fringe on Happily Ever After?
- This show is a slap in western societys' face!

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Filthy Rich - RibbitRepublic
Aug. 15, 17, 18, 19,  20.

Style: Straight Play

Fun Facts: 
- Everyone in the cast has either graduated from or taught at Grant MacEwan University. 
- There is a different guest cast member for every show.


Baby Redboots' Revenge - Orange Bus Productions
Aug. 15, 18, 19, 20

Style: MMT

Fun Facts: 
- That guy taught me how to act and move at the same time.
- It's a 1 man show, accompanied by an electric cello.


Brake - HEART MEAT Productions 
Aug 12,14,15,17,18, 21
Written and performed by Elena Beylea and Ben Stevens 

Style: Straight play

Fun facts
-  I did a Fringe show with these two beautiful people last year.
- This show made my father cry.
- This show has a really cool set.

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