Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Summer Memories...

[ Good bye, Vancouver! ]

[ London Treats ]

[ I was lucky enough to watch Once twice over the summer ] 

[ so London ]
[ grass art ]

[ summer flowers ]

 [ berries in my drink ]

 [ a little sunbathing with some old magazines ]

 [ tropical weather in Brighton. +35 baby ]

[ picnic on the beach with my pals ] 

[ Trafalgar Square ]

[ getting caught up on blogs ] 

 [ Remi's first day in London ]

 [ Birthday Blitz ]

 [ Brighton Food & Drink Festival ]

[ last summer day in Brighton ]

So that's it folks, it's officially October. Can you believe that...? Because I can not. Time is flying by so quickly. Remi has already been here for over a month and I've been working at the Royal Opera House for three weeks. What! Also, I finally bought new boots. I posted about needing new boots over a year ago (when I was still in Edinburgh), and it's taken me that long to finally buy a new pair. I copied my little sister and purchased a pair of  Steve Madden, Troopa. I am in love. 

What are you looking forward this Autumn? 


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  1. These photos are so lovely! Now I really want a lemonade...

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail