Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Edinburgh - The Day of Whiskey

I asked Remi what he wanted for his Birthday, if he could have anything in the world. He asked to go to a Whiskey Distillery in Scotland. Ok, I thought. And thus led to the Day of Whiskey.

There's something really special about giving someone something that they really want. I know that might sound pretty obvious, but I think it happens when you love someone. When you're almost more excited to see how much fun they have, without even thinking about it. I had a hard time understanding this when I was younger, but now it makes way more sense. That being said, I was not the happiest camper that morning. I will say it again, Sorry Rem for being a grumpy butt.

The closest distillery to Edinburgh is the Glenkinchie Distillery, which is located in a tiny town about 1 hour outside of the city. We woke up nice and early as it was going to take us about 1 1/2 hours to bus there (said google maps). Getting there was slightly hilarious. I didn't find it so funny at the time, hence being a grumpy butt. About two hours or so later we finally arrived at Glenkinchie. I think the highlight of getting there was when our 2nd bus driver told us that this was our stop. There was no bus stop sign, no road signs,  and no people. We were in the middle of the country with no cell reception. This was the part of  the film where we were stranded in a field for 5 hours. Luckily 10 minutes later a shuttle bus showed up and saved us. In that 10 minutes my camera also decided to have a stroke and stop working. I was not pleased.

ANYWHO, other than the few hiccups we had getting there, we had the most amazing day.
We took a tour of the distillery, Remi was all smiles, and then it was tasting time! I didn't realized I liked whiskey, but I do! It's all about sherry casks, man!

After arriving back in Edinburgh we went for lunch at Clarinda's Tearoom, which is a sweet little place on the Royal Mile. We walked around city centre and spent some time in the National Museum.

 But this day was named the Day of Whiskey for a reason. Next we headed to the Scotch Whiskey Experience, where we went on another tour. This tour was more about the history of Scottish Whiskey. Before this day I knew almost nothing about whiskey, other than that fact that I was pretty sure I didn't like it. Now, not only do I know I enjoy whiskey, I also know a heck of a lot about it! I think my favourite part of the tour was looking at the largest collection of Scotch Whiskey in the world. It was pretty darn amazing.

After the tour we headed down to the Amber Restaurant. Which was recommended to us by our Airbnb host! The food and service was amazing. Our server was so sweet and helpful!  We tried a whole bunch of traditional Scottish food, including haggis, which was brilliant. 

All in all we had an amazing day! Remi ended up trying 13 different single malt whiskeys, an impressive feat! 

We finished our trip the next day with another stop at Clarinda's. The ladies there were so sweet they remember us from the day before! We took a few scones for the road and headed to the train station. Edinburgh really does feel like a home away from home. If you every get the chance, you must go! 

Thanks for reading, that was a long one!



  1. Ah, a whiskey tour of Scotland has been on my list of things to do for a while but I've never even been to a single distillery. Glad to hear you're converted - whiskey is my drink of choice. The times I've been in the pub with my boyfriend and we've caused confused when he's had the red wine and I've had the whiskey on the rocks!

    1. PS Gotta love those country buses. I've had similar experiences in Wales. It's funny though, I've always found them quite reliable, albeit highly infrequent and sometimes difficult to find the stops!

  2. That restaurant looks awesome! I miss Scotland so much! Summer 2011 I did a distillery tour up in Inverness, definitely a highlight of mine. Loving the updates, and can't wait to hear about them in person this weekend!!!