Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Edinburgh - Moutains & Castles

Hi Friends! Sorry for the lack of posts as of late, but I've just had the craziest last week in London. I'm already back in Canada and I'm happy to say the transition went smoothly. Leaving London was extremely bitter sweet, but it's lovely being back in Canada. I'm so lucky that the weather right now isn't too shockingly cold. 

Anyways, I'm back to blogging now and I have a lot to catch you up on. So here's where we left off, Scotland. 
Both Remi and I really enjoyed our brief time up north. After Paris we had one sleep at home to repack for Scotland. We woke up early the next day and caught the train. It was a beautiful and peaceful ride. 

I used AirBnB once again to find our room. I have to say both experiences were extremely positive and went off without a hitch. Much more enjoyable than staying in a hostel! 

As soon as we had dropped off our things we were off to climb Arthur's Seat. When I first arrived to the UK I spent a month up in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival. During that time I was far too busy with work to do many of the touristy things in the city, so Arthur's Seat was number one on my list. We climbed all the way to the tippy top, but once we had reached the peak it decided to pour down with rain in true Scottish fashion. That being said it was the only time it rained during the whole trip. We were once again SO lucky with the weather!

After drying off from Arthur's Seat we headed down the Royal Mile and ate lunch at The Baked Potato Shop. If you're ever in Edinburgh, you have to go there. Best baked potato I've ever had. They have the craziest toppings with lots of veggie and vegan options and the biggest portions ever. Remi and I just shared a small and that was enough for the both of us. After we ate we walked over to the Castle to take in the sites. 

After looking around for an hour or so we stopped at the Jekyll & Hyde pub for a pint or two. It's such a fun pub to hang about in, super creepy and gothic. I love it! Afterwards we headed over to the Tailend and ate some yummy fish and chips for dinner. We had such an amazing first day! 

Lots more travel posts to come! 


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