Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I make hats.

Ever since I was on the road with the ladies from Happily Ever After? I have really been into making toques!

M was so kinda in teaching me the art of toque making. It started off slow, with just me watching and struggling hard, but then we finally got a chance to sit down and for her to teach me. Since then, I have made 23 hats (and have sold 4!)

Today I sat down and taught my little sister. She picked it up so quickly, I was very proud. Then my Oma (Grandma) tells us that it is in our blood. Our great Oma crocheted/ knitted for a living! Then our Mum pulled out all of the old scarves and gloves that our Oma made for her! 

Such a great first night back home!  

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