Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sushi and Shakespeare.

I am turning into a late night gal. As in I can't sleep.

After a very fun, and relaxing day - full of conversation, sushi and Shakespeare - I had the idea to turn the Shakespeare monologue that I am working into a short film.

I started by making a quick storyboard, then I attempted a rough draft using my laptop. It's very poor quality (doesn't help that it's almost 2am, so I was trying to be as quiet as possible, and that I am in my pj's with no make up on), but I managed to captured my idea.

It's time to ask the big guns for help... Mr. B, you up to it?


  1. oh! i want to see!
    and yes! mr. b!
    go for it!

  2. That sounds so cool Chels! Let me know how it turns out!