Saturday, December 18, 2010

HOT YOGA: Don't be racist!

Hot yoga, my newest love.

Yoga and dance go together very well, so I have been trying studios all over the city, with just the West Moksha Yoga Edmonton to go!

I have discovered through talking to people (both theatre and normal people),  that there is some racism between Moksha and Bikram yogis. I get it- people have favourites and some just can't handle 90 minutes of hotness. But let us not be haters, if you are a strictly Bikram yoga goer, why not try Moksha and switch it up a bit!

I look at it this way. 

         -If you feel like knowing what you're getting yourself into, so you can focus on technique and what not - Bikram is your man!
         -If you feel like a challenge, enjoy surprises, and possibly want a shorter class - Go Moksha.

Don't be afraid to change it up!!!

        #1: Bikram Yoga West Edmonton  Even though it isn't the closest to me, it is my #1 choice of hot yoga studios in Edmonton.
- The best smelling Bikram studio in the city!
- An amazingly friendly and supportive staff.
- Great smooth and solid floor.
- Fans
- A lovely frosted window.
- Only $20 for first timers-  8 days unlimited!

Fun Fact: This is where I took my first hot yoga class ever!

       #2 Moksha Yoga Edmonton (South and West) I wish you were closer Moksha!!! Unfortunately it takes me an hour busing 1 way to get to either of these studios.

- The most beautiful and spacious yoga studio I have ever been in.
- Amazing change rooms and showers
- Free natural mat disinfectant!
- Cork flooring
- Beautiful frosted windows
- Only $20 for first timers-  7 days unlimited!

Fun Fact: This is my best friend B's favourite studio!

          #3: Birkam Yoga Edmonton - 124th Street  The down town hot yoga place.

- Great location

        #4: Bikram Yoga Edmonton - Strathcona The Whyte Ave hot yoga place.

- Great location

Fun Fact: They used to have carpeted floors... figure that one out!


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