Saturday, December 3, 2011

C & C: Out To Tea


Yesterday afternoon Charmaine and I went to the Rutherford House for high tea. The building is so charming, and the food is delish. I highly recommend going! 

Two sleepy gals. Charmaine is mostly finished with school for this term and I am done my understudy run - relief! 

 Getting excited.


 My new skirt!

 Isn't this building beautiful! 

 My new coat!

I love this one! She's one tough cookie, because it was freezing out! 

Photos by Charmaine.

Stay warm, everybody! 



  1. Hey Chels, this was my Grandpa's frat house back in the day. I love doing Tea there. I used to go and sit doing chem prelab work there last year. A little gauche, but it was the only place I felt at ease. Em works there now and I haven't been as much. It's hard when memories and people get trapped in places you love. When I was a youngster my friend Laura had a murder mystery birthday party there. And Em and I had seen a totally intimate awesome boutique theatre production of Hedda Gabbler there that was pretty unforgettable. Awesome photos, you two fit the bill to a tea. Oh yes, I just did that.

  2. THANKS, Nicholas! What lovely memories!