Friday, December 30, 2011

Cooking With Chelsea: Roasted Vegetables

I found myself in the kitchen a lot this Christmas, thanks to Mr. Jamie Oliver! While on my extremely short plane ride home, I managed to catch 3 episodes of Jamie's Christmas special! Over the two days I managed to try out 3 of his amazing recipes. The thing is - they are so simply. That's the key! 

Christmas Eve - Amazing Roast Veg

Jamie did about 5 different veggies on the show and seeing as I had only watched them earlier that day, I was going from memory -  I stuck with just the carrots.

For Jamie's Recipe click HERE!

Carrots being parboiled.

I also did my own simply recipe for asparagus. Olive oil, sea salt, fresh pepper. 

Fresh herbs from our garden.

Happy chefs!

Photos by Nicola 



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