Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DIY: Holiday Wrapping Paper

Throughout the year I love having flowers in my apartment. The local grocery store I go to wraps the flowers in simple brown paper sheets with little ivy patterns. Most people probably just recycle these lovely brown paper sheets, but I've held on to my recycled goods for this very reason ... WRAPPING PAPER. 

What You Will Need ...

sheets of brown paper with ivy (Floral department of Save-On Foods) 

red paint

a pencil with an eraser

What You Need To Do...

Dip the eraser end of your pencil into a small amount of red paint and simply turn the ivy into holly branches, making cluster of two or three holly berries per branch. Continue doing this till the whole sheet has holly berries. 

(it's that easy)

Then start wrapping! 

Merry Christmas!


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