Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cooking with Chelsea: Scrambled Eggs

Take away bag from Maison Blanc, Hampstead. 


C'est fini!

So about a month ago I had the craving for scrambled eggs with cheese on a croissant, this quickly turned into a weekly treat! If you haven't tried this, you must! It's so simple and easy to make!  My secret ingredient for scrambled eggs is fresh basil! It's heaven I tell you, heaven. On the croissant front I tried croissants from 5 different bakers, including Maison Blanc (shown above). My favourite was from a little bakery in Muswell Hill called, Sable D'orPaul's followed in a close second place!

What's your favourite ingredient to spruce up your scrambled eggs?

Thanks for tuning in!

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