Monday, November 19, 2012

The Fourth Flat

First look.

That's right folks, this is the fourth flat I've lived in since arriving in the UK. I know that may sound like a lot, I think that's because it is a lot and the kicker is that I've just moved into my fifth. Why all this hopping around you may ask? It's because I plan to move out with some friends at the end of January (when their lease is up), so it's a gypsy's life for me until then. This may help explain my lack of posting. I have been extremely busy running around trying to find work and a place to stay for the last few months.

 Mirrors everywhere.

 Here are some photos from my last place. It was located in Easy Finchley, NorthWest London. It was a beautiful area, not as posh or busy as Muswell Hill, but still very nice. I was staying with 4 other actors and subletting from the fifth. I am still so amazed by the kindness and love that they showed me while I was staying there. I couldn't appreciate it more. 

 Left over antiques from owners.

The house itself was amazing. SO quirky just like me. The room that I was staying in was perfect, I felt like it was designed just for me. The house also had the best kitchen I have had the pleasure of using whilst being in London, (complete with Jamie Oliver cookbooks)! I'm really gonna miss my new friends and this beautiful old house, but now I'm onto a new adventure. 

 I love this sofa. I want to take it with me.

 Paper art.

 So many great mugs. I tried to use a different mug each time I had tea.

 In the kitchen.

Will and Kate. If I ever get married, I want my face on a dish towel.

 Left over art project from owner's daughter. Kinda creepy.

 More leftovers.

 Bathroom decor. 

'My room'.

I have one word for this room. AMAZING.

I feel like this room was designed just for me. Ben and I are soul mates, or long lost twins (Twelfth Night anyone?)

 I think this is all anyone would every need. Ukulele, books, DVDs and a sword.

Thanks for tuning in and happy Movember! 


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