Monday, December 17, 2012

A Night Out

Reading by candle light, waiting for NewsRevue to begin with my half pint of Guinness! 

Table for one please! I find myself saying this a lot, but I'm really starting to enjoy it. 

I feel like I have always been a pretty independent person. I don't mind doing things by myself, be it shopping, the movies, or dinner. Now, more so than ever this quality has become very important. Most of my friends over here are very busy people, and hey, I guess I am too. With conflicting schedules and the Christmas season in full swing, I've been having lots of solo dates. Not going to lie, some times I do wish that I was with a friend so that I could share the amazing experiences I am having. But it's like I can almost feel my 'self' growing from the independence. 

How do you feel about solo date? Do you love 'em or hate 'em? 

I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday!



  1. Nights out alone are the BEST. It might be the bohemian writer in me, but I love a night out at the pub alone with my large black tome, I sit there with a cup of tea and something to nibble on and just write, watch tv, think and write. Is that weird? I hope people don't think I'm too eccentric but it's lovely to be left alone to your own thoughts sometimes and just reflect and write...