Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ed's Easy Diner

The other week after a job interview I met up with my friend, Brian (We went to Uni together in Canada). Brian was feeling a bit hungry, so we went searching for some quick eats! We came across Ed's Easy Diner, an American diner in the heart of London. It was the perfect choice, I had such a lovely time.

 Ed's has such a great atmosphere. With jukebox classics playing loudly and the surprising comfort of North American accents chirping everywhere, you would've never guessed that you were in London.

 I wasn't feeling particularly hungry, so I decided to be bad and get one of my favourite treats, a vanilla milkshake. They always remind me of my Dad. Sometimes when I was younger, after dance class, my Dad and I would stop by a McDonald's and pick up a medium vanilla milkshake to share on the way home. Vanilla is our favourite flavour!

Another fun thing about Ed's is that it's right across from the Prince Edward Theatre, home of the West End's Jersey Boys! How much fun would it be to watch an evening's performance and then afterwards head next door for a treat from Ed's! It's just perfect!

That's Brian. Ain't he charming.

You can't really see what I'm wearing, but I was trying to look 'businessy'. 

Vanilla Milkshake.

Two thumbs up for the chilli Burger!

Two Canadian pals in Piccadilly Circus.

Thanks for tuning in!


  1. Great pics Chels! Good luck with that job interview! Tell us more about your London life!

  2. Pretty photos! I really like your blog - joined on GFC :)

    - Katherine

    1. Thank you, Katherine! Followed you back, you have a lovely blog!

  3. Great pictures! I just discovered your blog and I find it really interesting!
    I followed you with bloglovin..!Have a nice Thursday! :)