Thursday, July 18, 2013

Spamalot Snapshots

WARNING: If you do not wish to see silly pictures of me being a crazy person, this post is not for you! 
Here are some pictures of my amazing experience from the Citadel Theatre's production of Spamalot. Most of these shots are just me being a goofball and showing you just a taste of the amazing costuming, wigs and props by the incredibly talented, Cory Sincennes. Cory is one of the youngest major costume and set designers in Canada. I am so fortunate to have been apart of two shows (so far) that he has designed. I hope you enjoy my 'show selfies'
This is a picture of my beautiful ensemble ladies. I shared a dressing room with these gals every show, these ladies were such a dream! So talented, beautiful and hard working! I was in such fantastic company. I miss everyone in the cast, crew, and creative team so much. 
I hope you enjoyed my short little look into Spamalot. I can not express how much I enjoyed myself and also how much I learnt from this amazing experience. I am so very thankful for the opportunity to be part of such a fun and brilliant show. 

Thank for tuning in!