Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hand In Hand

After rehearsal the other day I was reading Dance Magazine and came across a very interesting and relevant article!
Your Body: Taking the Heat by Jen Peters discusses the pros and cons of dancers that practice Bikram hot yoga (aka ME)!

In the article you hear from different Bikram dancers about their experiences.

 Kathryn Mowat Murphy "swears that it has injury-healing, emotion-strengthening, toxin-flushing, weight-managing, and career-extending effects." (Par. 1) So far in my practice I fully agree.
The article goes on to talk about Bikram Yoga's origin and how it has now become a "popular warm-up spot" (par. 3) for professional dancers. 
There are warnings, such as over stretching ligaments and dehydration. This article  gives you information on how to "sweat smartly" (par. 7).
I hope this encourages more dancers to try Bikram yoga. It has really helped me with my dancing, and also in my mental health. I find that yoga of any kind always leaves my body smiling! 

90 minutes of moving meditation for this cold blooded gal, is absolute bliss!  

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  1. i know all five girls in that photo!
    the middle one standing up is bikram's daughter,
    the other four have all become world yoga champions over the years, even though it's an older pic : )