Friday, February 11, 2011

8 Days A Week

At the yoga studio that I go to, it's the first 30 day challenge of the year! I decided to do a little mini challenge of my own. I am doing 8 days of hot yoga in a row!

Today was my 6th day - so far so good. To be honest I am getting tired, not to mention sore. Waking up for those "earlier" yoga classes is some times difficult, but oh, so worth it! 

The thing I really like about hot yoga is what it makes you do outside of class! You have to drink more water and eat better, because you don't want to eat a bacon cheddar burger before class - you just don't! And when you chow down on your homemade chocolate chip cookies, you don't feel guilty because:
 1. you deserve it and
 2. your just going to sweat it out tomorrow!

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