Thursday, February 24, 2011


If you haven't already watched the Brit Teen Hit Skins, you really should. 

This BAFTA- winning show is probably one of my favourite TV shows of all times. I am NOT, I repeat NOT talking about the American remake also called Skins. I couldn't even get through the first episode of the US version. It word for word tries to embody the raw brilliance of the original cast and epically fails. I don't know what they were thinking. 

Back to the real deal.

8 reasons to watch Skins

1.This is not your ordinary Teen show

2.The cinematography is extremely artistic and edgy

3.The fashion

4.The guy from Billy Eliot and About A Boy (the best friend that wears the tutu) is one of the main characters

5.Hot British Youngsters 

6.The Dude (Dev Patel) from Slumdog Millionaire is in it



So go on then, give it a go. 

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