Saturday, February 1, 2014

Blackheath Farmers' Market

One of my favourite parts about living in Blackheath was the Sunday Farmers' Market. On our very first day in Blackheath we literally stumbled out of the train, packed with as many bags as we could carry, and all we could notice (other than the fact that it was snowing in London) was the most delicious smell that was filling the cold winter air. We of course had no idea where it was coming from being first timers in Blackheath, but we took the first exit and followed the aroma to straight to the Blackheath Farmers' Market.

[ off to my very last Blackheath Farmers' Market. sad eyes/blinded by the sun ]

My favourite part of Blackheath market was fresh produce, flowers, and chicken burgers. There's the most lovely middle aged couple that always has the best deals on veggies. They throw you a little something special, or give you an extra bunch of flowers. They also use 'duck' as a term of endearment on almost every costumer. It melted my heart every time, especially when it was my turn. 

ps. They are located at the far right hand corner. 

[ remi looking rather thoughtful]

After you've picked up your goods from the market, make sure to make your way over to Hand Made Food for some yummy breakfast/brunch. It's oh so good!

We leave for Paris in 1 day. I'm starting to freakout, I am so excited!

Thanks for tuning in!


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