Thursday, February 13, 2014

Paris - Day 2

 [ my favourite teacup ]

Paris day two got off to a slow, but lovely start. Nina made us breakfast and had it all ready on a tray for us to take into our room. There is something so special about breakfast in bed (especially when no one had to sneak out to make it). Although we had a lazy morning, our day was extremely productive. We saw the Arc du Triomphe, the Eiffel tower and we went to the Musée D'Orsay

 [ The entrance to Nina's flat. Very leafy ]

 The Arc Du Triomphe was so beautiful. This may seem silly, but it's a lot bigger than I expected. It's huge. One thing I couldn't help but notice about Paris is that everything is grand and extravagant. Even though I've been living in one of the 'greatest' cities in the world, Paris definitely takes the cake for fancy buildings and monuments.

[ The Eiffel Tower ] 

[ the view from the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower ]

 That's right folks I climbed all the way to the 2nd Floor (with a lot of encouragement from Remi), that's 704 steps. My wee calves were shaking once we got back down to ground level. But he was right, it was worth it!

 [ Someone was a little excited. Looking like a loris ]

 As we walked over to the Musée D'Orsay we stumbled on a photo shoot. It was a pretty amazing thing to find. The images were out of this world.

 One major thing that I learnt about travelling is that I need to eat... A LOT. I know that sounds really obvious, but when you're in a cool place like Paris, it's easy to get carried away with site seeing. Next time I'm going to take my father's advice and stick a baguette and some cheese in my bag so I never find myself hungry. Those french really know what they're doing.

 [ We had lunch at the museum, and by lunch I mean cake ]

 [ This tiny book contained everything. All addresses, and directions. I love my tiny notebooks ]

Another thing I learnt while on this trip was to have a plan. When you only have two or three days having a specific plan is extremely necessary. This includes researching restaurants that you are excited to try out. I did this, but only about half way. I know it may seem a bit strict, but I think it saves a lot of stress. I wish we had more time to wonder and explore, but with such a short trip we really needed to be organized. This leads me to dinner. We wandered around for about an hour and half trying to decide on where to eat. Paris, like London, isn't short of restaurants. Knowing which one is amazing and which is a dive is hard to do just from looking at exteriors. Eventually we ended up walking back to a restaurant we passed earlier in the evening, Le Fumoir. It was a lovely place, a bit more posh than we were dressed for, but the food was glorious. Everything was executed very well. Even the bread was to die for. We went all out once again getting the full three courses, we so fancy. 

[ Starters. Probably my favourite dish of the night. I had lamb ribs with a delicious homemade BBQ sauce. Remi had the scallops ]
We finished our night off by walking through the Louvre to the Eiffel tower for the hourly light show. It was an amazing finish to our crazy day. How very lucky we are. I am so thankful. 

I hope you aren't getting sick of travel pictures!!! There's a lot more to come from out amazing week! Thanks for reading! 



  1. Girl, we'll NEVER tire of travel pics. Musee D'Orsay is one of my favourite museums on the planet. I can't wait to go back to Paris!! So glad you had a spellbinding time.

  2. Gorgeous pictures!! I've never been to Paris, and it looks especially dreamy under the partly clouded sky. So cool that you saw that photo shoot happening and got to participate! Also, that teacup is totally adorable.