Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Paris - Day 1

Paris was a dream. Remi and I only had three days, but we saw all the things and drank all the wine. We stayed with a lovely young lady, Nina, that we met through Airbnb. Her flat was so charming, I didn't want to leave. After we settled in our room we decided to go to Montmartre and climb the Sacré Cœur, since it was such a clear sunny day. 

[ Such yummy tea. My pal Jazzy brought me back some when she went so I had to grab some more. ]

[ Some great buskers setting a real fun Parisian feel as we walked up the stairs to Montmartre ] 

After wandering around Montmartre we found our way to the Sacré Cœur and climbed all 300 or so steps to the top. The view was stunning. Like something from a film. I couldn't believe my wee eyes. 

[ The restaurant from Amélie. We didn't go in, but I had to snap a few shots. ] 

After Montmartre we stopped at the flat to warm up with some tea before heading to dinner. Our kind hostess made a dinner reservation for us at Julien, a posh little place near Porte Saint-Denis.  

[ Dessert. French toast for me and Crème Brûlée for Remi ]

It's quite rare (seeing as Remi and I are struggling artists) that we will get a full three course meal with a bottle of wine, but we were in Paris and we thought, when in Paris...
That's how the saying goes, right? We enjoyed every last bit of our time at Julien's, right down to our nightcap! After that we called it a night and headed home very full and very merry.

Thanks for tuning in - lots more to share of Paris!



  1. Those photos from Sacre Coeur are stunning! I never seem to find that 'amazing view' photos work for me but these are gorgeous.

    1. Thanks so much! I'm sure glad I captured that view, we really lucked out on the weather!