Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Web

Here are some of my favourite new websites and also some of the blogs that I follow!

Check out and post cool article for the world to read! The latest news on everything, but fashion.

It's a material world out there. All about loving fashion and beauty - find new clothing and beauty products and share them with all fashionistas!


If you haven't already checked out Keri Smith from my helpful theatre links,  you really should.  She is all about creating. Her 100-ideas has really helped me over come boredom and gloom.

The first blog I started following. She has great fashion, 'how to's, recipes and home improvements   - if only we were all rich and lived in LA.

Another young miss who has it all going on - she has a great style (glam punk rock), the cutest dog and the hottest boyfriend.

Photographer: Me 
My sister's blog - great fashion, celebrity profiles and beauty tricks and tips! I LOVE IT!

There you are - enjoy!

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