Friday, January 21, 2011

January Shows

These are all of the shows that I have or will be engaging in this month!

The 2011 Canoe Festival- Workshop West Theatre - Jan 18th- 23rd

Sound Machine - Compagnie Drift (Zurich, Switzerland) - Jan. 22nd

*unfortunately the only showing I could see was cancelled due to one of the actors falling in the snow and breaking his wrist- I am sending my healing love his way*

Operation EVAsion - Firefly Theatre and Circus ( Edmonton)- MMT- Jan. 22nd
Bash'd!: A Gay Hip-Hop Opera- Craddock and Cuckow Productions (Edmonton) - MMT - Jan. 22nd

Absurdesque - Theaterlabor (Bielefeld, Germany) - modern day absurdist theatre- Jan. 20th

The Complete Spiral Dive Trilogy- D: Ken Brown - Workshop West Theatre - Jan. 6th- 23rd - World War II Drama- MMT

The Music Man - Grant MacEwan University- D: Janice Flower- Jan. 21st - 29th- Musical Theatre - MMT

What shows have you seen lately? Tell me bout dem! 

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