Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bar Guy...

Last evening - after work - I went out.

Yes, Miss Cp actually ventured out into the cold to celebrate her roommates birthday by dancing with a lot of sweaty people.

It was surprisingly fun!

I am the kinda person that would rather stay in and crochet while watching a movie - which I think led to this random guy's comment.

Photographer: Nicola Preston
While I was taking a break from dancing and grabbing a glass of water this dude just started talking to me and I was like "oh great, here's another random drunk guy". After introducing himself, he proceeded to ask me if I was having fun and I said "yes". Then, out of no where he said "You need more life in you".  REALLY - Did that just happen. Some bar guy, could pick out that I needed to have more fun. He spotted out my new years resolution in a poorly lit club. That's not so good.

This comment really frazzled me - maybe it was just a come on, but the guy has a point.

So maybe we can learn something from those random bar guys - or not. 


  1. Awe, some people are very insightful, it's amazing. How is your resolution going?? xo

  2. Hahaha, ya.

    It's actually going pretty good, despite what Mr. Random Pants thinks :)