Monday, January 10, 2011

Where Do I go...

     I think most young artist go through what I am going through.
            Where do I go
                 Follow the river
                    Where do I go
                       Follow the sky

      Which City is best for me?

       I am currently in the frozen North- Edmonton.
-Great theatre scene, but still tricky to get work-

      <-  I am seriously debating going back to the West Coast to beautiful Vancouver.
- film and dance scene. I haven't been able to get a theatre audition there yet-

    -> Then there is Toronto.
-I have never been to this city, but it's said to be Canada's New York- worth giving it a shot?

      Ideally I would love to be in NYC, but I am short the cheese.

     Lovely lady C, has also brought to my attention London, would be an amazing place to be!



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