Thursday, July 11, 2013

FadeInFadeOut Vintage: 8

How amazing does my little sister look in this red polo!

Vintage 80s FOX Red Polo Shirt T Indie Sexy Fit - M

This red Fox Polo is such a fun summer shirt, perfect for your preppy/nautical look!

I just adore these pictures of my sister. I miss that kid SO much. Every. Single. Day.
Nicola has convinced me into doing many things in life. It was Nicola that got me started on blogging. She persuaded me to watch Vampire Diaries and she quite literally forced me to start using Pinterest. I am now addicted to all three of my examples. What can I say...she knows me well. 

In the past year Nicola has started her journey as a young interior design student and I could not be more proud of her. It's fantastic to see her so passionate about what she is studying. I loved looking at all of her projects while I stayed with her in Vancouver. Just a week ago she passed her first term with flying colours. It's amazing to see her do her thing, AutoCAD-ing her little butt off. So proud of you, Sis!!!

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