Monday, July 15, 2013

Before & After: Vintage Dress


Happy Monday everyone!!!  So as many of you know I love 'fixer uppers'. I love them so much that I usually get so excited, that I forget to take pictures of the before and just get straight to work. This beautiful vintage piece was given to me by my lovely friend, Charmaine Lowe.  This dress has a lot of history behind it! Charmaine "bought it online through a seller based out of LA a few years ago, that acquired a whole bunch of costumes from a costume department from a major studio". Who knows what this dress has seen! How super cool is that?

 My only problem with this dress was the sleeves. I felt a bit restricted for movement and they also limited me to wearing it in cooler seasons. Also, removing the sleeves on most vintage dresses can be the best way to contemporize it or just make it more versatile!  So a day before heading back to London I spent an hour doing a little DIY. I very carefully removed the sleeves under my Mother's brilliant instructions. My mum is a pro seamstress. I love being able to learn from her. 
I absolutely love wearing my 'new' dress with a big leather belt and either my leather boots or my oxfords. One more thing I would like to add to this dress is a crinoline for fancier occasions. I can't wait  to wear this dress throughout the summer and all year round.

Do you have any summer 'fixer uppers'?

Thanks for tuning in!



  1. Looks great! Much younger without the sleeves, actually. Good job, amiga!