Tuesday, July 9, 2013

First Weeks Back

So my first few weeks back in London town were very interesting to say the least. Leaving behind my parents is always a hard thing for me to do. I am very, VERY close with both my Mum and Dad. I am a very lucky girl! They are so supportive and loving, and they've had to put up with me running away from home since I was sixteen. My leaving was nothing new, but it only seems to get harder as time goes on. Also, my Mum just had a total knee replacement, so I was very thankful to be at home and support her through that.

That first picture there is a shot of my desk. I love all of the things in this picture so much. The card was waiting for me on the fireplace mantel in my bedroom, given to me from my darling flatmate, Ruthie. Those two ladies are definitely us this summer. The vase is a recycled bottle of my favourite lemonade, made with rose water. The rose I found in perfect condition just lying on the sidewalk. I nearly tripped over it on my way home from town. I scooped it up from the ground, the gentleman behind me even said "Good fine, there!"
I finally tried a real 99 ice cream, with Big Ben as my backdrop. A 99 is quite simply soft serve ice cream with a flake, a UK tradition. I've been wanting to try one of these since last year when I first arrived. I have NO idea why is took me so long to try one (I've had 2 more since then, hehe).

Catching up with my amazingly talented pals, Adam and Nic. I love these people. We were pretending that we were back at the Edinburgh Fringe, were we spent our past August together. 

Me with the big purple cow. Those of you Fringe'rs might recognize this venue as the Udderbelly. Everyone else...I am not joking. It's seriously called that.

A quick snap of Piccadilly Circus in between handing out CVs.

Lot's more coming your way soon - Thanks for tuning in!



  1. Fun fun fun! Sorry to hear about your mother's knee - hope it went well!

    1. Thanks, C!!! Mum's doing much better now! She's get the other knee done in 3 months! Touch lady, that one. Cx