Monday, September 29, 2014

Picture Post: September

 [Homemade moonshine made by my brother, Zach.]

[One of my tiny dance costumes that we've sold on Etsy.]

[Yummy from the garden pasta sauce that I made.]

 [I turned OLD.]

 [Quite a few days of travelling.]

[A sunset in Vancouver.]

 [ Indulging on my birthday.]

 [Autumn leaves on Davie Street.]

 [Moscow Mules with Truth Vodka from Liberty Distillery on Granville Island.]

 [ Bored of water? Try iced tea without any sweetener, num.]

[Reading in my floppy happy in the fading summer sun.]

[New high heel tap shoes for my upcoming fall shows.]

Here are some of my favourite pictures from September! There has been a lot of back and forth, between the Island and the Mainland this month, but it's been a lot fun! I've taking 11 dance classes in about 11 days and am feeling very inspired and refreshed, a big thank you to Harbour Dance Centre and the Vancouver Tap Dance Society

Some other exciting things that happened this month! I got my Learners Driver's Licence for the 3rd time and did my first little road trip. I had my 25th Birthday (I is so old). I also got some sweet new high heel tap shoes that have been all the way to Hawaii and back! 

Today I fly back to Edmonton to start another exciting Journey! I've got many fun things planned and I can't wait to see my man! 

Thanks for tuning in! 



  1. 1. that sunset photo is gorgeous. 2. 25 is NOT old missy- i'm 25 ;) 3. very impressed with your brother's moonshine skillz. I'd probably accidentally blow up the house, haha

    xo marlen
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    1. Thanks, Marlen! I know we're not old yet! Just playing...although I do feel older! My brother has mad skill! He's made so many different flavours, it's quite impressive! Thanks for reading!

      Xx from the Girl In theHoundstooth Coat!